FlashRads® - Where did it all begin?

“Every morning the senario was the same, wake up, stumble downstairs, flickon the kettle and look at the drab, lifeless lump of metal I’d attached to the wall to warm my little piece of England.

This particular morning though was different, as I stared I thought to myself that can’t be it, that can’t be all you can do with a radiator, why should everyone have same old lump on the wall………and FlashRads was born!!”

Since then, we have been making bespoke, made-to-order radiators for our customers throughout the UK and beyond.

The Concept

We have a wealth of experience working with our clients to develop ideas and designs that meet your specific requirements. Customers from all walks of life: celebrities, interior designers, business owners to the man next door. One thing they all have in common is their exceptionally good taste for radiators!

All our units are manufactured from high grade stainless steel and are produced, finished and packaged in the North West of England using state of the art processes. Finishes from brushed stainless steel to a wide range of powder coated options, we can tailor your unit to complement it’s surrounding perfectly.

We are proud to have brought fresh life to the radiator, bringing quality craftsmanship and warmth to homes and businesses in the UK and further a field. View the radiator range »

Free Design Consultation

When you buy a product from FlashRads our dedicated design team are on hand to offer expert advice and interior awareness, ensuring your radiator is the perfect match for it’s surroundings.

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